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Rejuvenating Body treatment, Including Wraps and Peels – Fort Worth, Texas

For centuries, body treatments have been embraced for their revitalizing and healing effects. Ancient civilizations understood the healthful properties of natural resources such as mud, steam, and seaweed, which were used to draw out toxins and replenish the skin’s natural vitality. At Hollywood Nails and Spa, we combine time-tested methods of rejuvenating the body with the most luxurious modern comforts to ensure a transcendently relaxing experience for our clients. We offer a comprehensive menu of body wraps, peels, and other treatments at our Fort Worth, Texas day spa, all designed to relax and detoxify your body, relieve your stress, and revitalize your skin.

Hollywood Nails and Spa would be delighted to introduce you to the ultimate in relaxation, whether in the form of our exclusive sugar body polish, our detoxifying herbal wrap, our cellulite treatment, or our enzymatic sea mud wrap. For those who prefer organic holistic products, we also carry special blends of organic essential oils, organic sugar and salt scrubs, and organic sea mud. We can, of course, combine your body treatment with a facial skin care treatment, a manicure, or a pedicure, depending on your desires.

If you are interested in learning more about body wraps, body peels, or any of the other body treatments offered at our Fort Worth and Dallas, Texas-area day spa, please contact Hollywood Nails and Spa today.

• Body Polish
• Hollywood’s Exclusive Grape Seed Body Treatment
• Microderm Body Scrub
• Mineral Mud Wrap
• Hydrating Seaweed Body Wrap
• Hollywood’s Seaweed Body Peel
• Hollywood’s Cellulite Wrap
• Heavenly Organic Body Treatment

Body Polish (50 minutes) – $75

During the body polish treatment, your skin will be gently massaged with a rich blend of aromatic sugar scrub and essential oils for a thorough exfoliation. Dead skin cells and impurities will be removed, and circulation will be stimulated. You will emerge from this treatment with healthier, more radiant skin.

Hollywood’s Exclusive Grape Seed Body Treatment (60 minutes) $89

Hollywood Day Spa’s grape seed body scrub is used to prepare the skin for a gentle misting with our lavender essential oil, followed by a luxurious massage with wild lavender protein emulsion. This truly rejuvenating treatment is concluded with a touch of our peppermint cream.

Microderm Body Scrub – $150

The microderm body scrub is one of the most popular body treatments at our Fort Worth day spa. The treatment begins with a thorough exfoliation with our special microderm body scrub, followed by a light misting with rosemary herbal spray that will balance your skin’s natural moisture. The microderm treatment concludes with a hydrating massage using rosemary essential oil.

Mineral Mud Wrap (65 minutes) – $99

Warm, mineral-rich volcanic mud is used to deeply cleanse, detoxify, and brighten dull skin, while an aromatic skin supplement is used to condition and nourish the skin.

Hydrating Seaweed Body Wrap (65 minutes) – $109

Our seaweed body wrap is perfect for dull, dehydrated, and mature skin. After a light scrub, your body will be wrapped in nourishing seaweed. This is truly one of the most effective and soothing body wraps we offer at our Fort Worth and Dallas-area day spa.

Hollywood’s Seaweed Body Peel (65 minutes) – $119

This peel, a mix of our organic green seaweed and organic essential oil, is renowned for its detoxifying and firming effects. It will re-mineralize your skin as exfoliates, leaving behind a layer of moisture that makes the skin silky soft. This 3-in-1 treatment uses the most advanced form of seaweed exfoliation to thoroughly rejuvenate the skin.

Hollywood’s Cellulite Wrap (65 minutes) – $109 & 6 treatments for $450

Special Offer: Six Treatments for $620

Smooth away the appearance of cellulite, firm the entire body, improve your circulation, and rid yourself of unwanted water retention and toxins that promote cellulite with Hollywood’s exclusive cellulite wrap. It is highly recommended that you prepare for your first cellulite wrap session one week in advance by treating yourself to a mud or seaweed wrap and drinking plenty of water. This will initiate the detoxification process within your body. For the most dramatic results possible, we recommend undergoing a series of six of these soothing body treatments at our Fort Worth, Texas day spa.

Heavenly Organic Body Treatment (65 minutes) – $119

This indulgently luxurious experience begins with an exfoliation using our organic ginger lavender enzyme body scrub. A generous application of our organic enzyme ginger mask will nourish and stimulate your skin. After a brief break to allow your body to soak in the goodness of nature’s finest ingredients, a moisture-rich body butter will then be applied, leaving your skin velvety smooth and radiant.

To learn more about the finest nail and day spa services in the Fort Worth, Texas region, please contact Hollywood Nails and Spa by filling out and submitting the form below.
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